This template is built on the Helix 3 Framework, a theme foundation for Joomla, and utilizes all of its latest features.

Responsive Layout

Summit makes the process of building responsive event website easy. The template allows your website to automatically adapt its width to any desktop or mobile device.

Layout Builder

The Summit template has a built in drag-and-drop layout builder so you can adjust any module position, add background images, and add custom CSS classes for any module position.

Mega Menu System

With Summit's built in Mega Menu System you can display images, videos, text or articles within your dropdown menus.The mega menu also includes a Split Menu, Dropline Menu, and much more.

Easy Admin Interface

Summit has tons of options available. The powerful admin interface is intuitive and loaded with settings and options. You can add custom code, CSS, and Javascript right from the admin interface.

Module Styles And Positions

Summit includes many module styles and positions. And with the built in layout builder you can add as many module positions as you need. Your design possibilities are endless.

Font Options

Customize and change fonts for virtually anything without touching a single line of CSS. Summit gives you full control over your fonts. With the built in Google Fonts you can change your fonts instantly with hundreds of available fonts.

Powered By Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap is a powerful framework that is easy to learn and customize. The mobile responsive features are hard to compete with. As the most popular front end development framework, Bootstrap 3 offers tons of features.

RTL Language Support

Summit template supports RTL (Right to Left) Language based Designs like Arabic, Farsi & Hebrew.


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