• The Dancer must indicate which performances she will be doing what type of dancing to (Egyptian, Turkish, Khaliji, Saidi).
• The Dancer must have correct music to suit the style of her dancing.  Music must be authentic to the style of dance (no Shakira)
• Maximum length of music piece is 4.00 minutes. Penalties will be given should you exceed this.

belly dance with golden custom

Judges will look at:
• Technique for dance oriental
• Music, Does it fit the dance style chosen
• Expression
• Costume and make up (overall appearance)
• Professionalism
• Use of props
• Groups:  unison, group energy
• Timing and Transition
• If you use Khaliji music, you are required to dance Khaliji style.
• If you use Egyptian music, you are required to dance Egyptian style


Rules of the Competition:
1. No entries will be accepted after the deadline.
2. There will be no refund of entry fees. Entry fee will only be refunded in the event of a category cancellation. If for any reason, the applicant registration denied before the competition date, entry fees will be full refunded.
3. All contestants must sign a release form / indemnity form. If you haven’t done so by the time you arrive, you’ll be asked to do so at the EVENT. Should a release form not be signed you will be disqualified.
4. This competition have gender/age restriction on the participants to Female only, 18 years old and up.
5. Bring your identification card, proof of payment, reference numbers, release form and other relevant documents.
6. Check in at the front desk no later than one and a half (1 ½) hours before your performance time. If not, you may lose your turn and will not be able to perform in that category.
7. Bring everything essential to your performance, including music and back-up. (You must bring 2 CDs containing only your piece of music. No MP3s, only audio files, Please print your name and category on each CD.) There should be 2 CD’s per category event. Music to be given to coordinator on the day.
8. Your entire dance must be performed on the stage.
9. Groups: There is no minimum time limit. However, a maximum time limit of 5.00 minutes is set for each performance. All dances will be timed. Points will be subtracted for going over the maximum limit. Group Limit: min 3 - max 12 persons per group.
10. All judges' scores are final and the score sheets are confidential information and will never be released.
11. Please do not talk to judges about your performance or other related topics. You will be disqualified if you do so.
12. A Category will only be open should there be 3 or more participants for the category
13. All dances will be performed on an elevated stage.
14. You must wear cover-ups over your costume when you’re not performing. If not, you will be disqualified.
15. Competitors, Vendors, Judges and Guest Performers authorize The USA Belly Dance Queen™ Competition, entities, associates and/or heirs to use or sell any or all photos or videotapes taken during the said competition, for educational, promotional and professional purposes. Competitors release all rights, compensation recourse and complaints.
16. Any competitor winning any category of The USA Belly Dance Queen™, or any of the individual categories of this competition, agrees to use the title of that category correctly, for publicity purposes. (Example: Your Name, Year, Category. If you are unsure of how your title should be used, please contact Arab American Association at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for clarification. Should you not represent yourself in an appropriate manor during your Title year, your title may be taken from you.

belly dance with green custom Interruption of Performance:
If the interruption is due to the fault of the equipment of our suppliers, individuals / teams may restart from the beginning or at the point of interruption.  If interruption is due to the failure of the team’s equipment, supplies, music, or staff the team may either continue or withdraw from the competition.  We reserve the rights to stop the performance due to an obvious injury.  In the case that an injury results in the interruption of the teams’ performance, the team will be allowed to re-group before performing their routine again.  Performance must be repeated during the time allotted for their division/category.

Reasons for Disqualification:
Teams with illegal competitor(s) will be disqualified.  Reason for disqualification included, but are not limited to, inappropriate choreography/music (at the discretion of The Arab American Association officials), more or less performers / competitors than allowed on the floor, participants not listed on the official roster, and/or illegal competitor(s) listed on the official team roster.  If a team is found with unregistered competitors, the team will be disqualified.  Teams registered and performing in the incorrect divisions will be disqualified.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Arab American Association reserves the right to disqualify any team or individual, as well as point 3, 4, 14 and 15 in the rules .

Videotaping Policy:

• Videotaping at the event is done by our nominated official videographer, only the finalist round performances from each category will be posted on our official website and youtube channel.

• Audience Videotaping is allowed.

• Audience Photos are allowed.

belly dance with golden custom and veil Organizers and Judges:
• Organizers and Judges may not enter the competition.

• A judge may not mark his/her own student/group/family member (if applicable). This is to be fair to all who take part in the competition. The other judges will mark the participating dancer / group. This is to make it fair to all participating dancers / groups. That category will then be marked on percentage basis.

• Arab American Association has the right to change the judges advertised at any time. Should for any reason whatsoever, any or all of the judges are unable to attend this event, Arab American Association has the right to choose new local or international judges for the event, as long as there is a minimum of 4 judges (whether they be local or international).

This competition is fair and audited by Arab American Association.

About BDQC

USA Belly Dance Queen Comptetion "BDQC" is the largest belly dance show in the United States. More than 35 dancers from all over the world competeing for the title, on the stage of art theater.